Antwerp-based hospital network ZNA and GZA Ziekenhuizen have chosen ChipSoft’s HiX as their new, completely integrated electronic healthcare record (EHR) solution after a joint tender process. This means ChipSoft will automate Belgium’s largest healthcare provider. 

Currently administrative and medical patient data is registered and stored in dozens of different software solutions at the hospital network. HiX will bundle and store this data in one single software solution and thus create a more comprehensive and flexible EHR. HiX also enables more patient participation through an online patient portal among other things.

The scale of this automation process is unseen in the Belgian healthcare market. The ZNA and GZA Ziekenhuizen network consists of 12 hospitals, 11 residential care centres and two medical centres. As the largest hospital group in Belgium, it has 3,000 beds and employs 10,000 staff of whom almost 1,000 physicians. The network provides care to 6,300 patients on a daily basis. 

Hans Mulder, CEO ChipSoft: ”We look forward to working with ZNA and GZA Ziekenhuizen very much. Together we are taking steps toward improving healthcare in Belgium.”

Willeke Dijkhoffz, CEO GZA Ziekenhuizen: “The GZA and ZNA hospitals have partnered intensively since 2016. In doing so we respond to government requirements for the optimization of regional healthcare. With a new overarching and user-friendly EHR, we will not only take further step towards optimization, we also embrace innovation to the fullest.”

Maximum integration

Wouter de Ploey, CEO ZNA: “With HiX we have a future-proof software solution that supports our hospital network. The software integrates and streamlines patient care within both the GZA and ZNA organizations. Medical data will only have to be entered into the system once and will be available more easily and rapidly. The various care providers in touch with a patient will have simultaneous access to that patient’s medical record and build on each other’s registrations, which will increase quality of care and patient safety.”

Because HiX can be used on desktop as well as mobile devices, healthcare providers can –if authorized- check and register relevant data everywhere they go. This functionality is performed taking into account the highest degree of privacy and safety and ensures continuity of care. HiX also enables patients to be actively involved in the care they receive through an online patient portal. The portal enables patients to get more insight into care planning, to communicate easily with care providers and to access relevant information more quickly.

Data sharing with general practitioners    

ZNA and GZA Ziekenhuizen work closely together with the general practitioners (GPs) in the Antwerp region. HiX also offers online portal functionalities to the various care providers which in turn increases cooperation between hospitals and GPs. This includes patient communication and the planning of care.



Hear from users in Belgian hospitals AZ Delta and ZOL how they experienced the implementation of HiX.

About ChipSoft

ChipSoft is a provider of software solutions and develops care information systems and EHRs for hospitals, specialist care centres, mental health services and nursing- and care homes. HiX is ChipSoft's fully integrated EHR/EMR solution. HiX is an overall software solution for patient file management, workflow support, care administration, care logistics, planning and ehealth. Our solution offers every care provider an fully integrated, digital platform while also facilitating safe data sharing between healthcare organisations and increases patient participation. Because HiX is available on desktop and mobile devices, care givers can check and register relevant information whenever, wherever they like. 

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