​With HiX, your healthcare organisations have an innovative product at the start of their life cycle.  We do this by constantly updating and improving the technologies behind HiX. 

Technology and HiX  

We can deliver the most innovative and functional healthcare IT by applying the most prominent technology.  We apply a resolute "technology refresh policy" to stay ahead of the rapidly evaluating market.  With this HiX assures healthcare organisations of a modern, future-proof and innovative product.  Now and in the future. 

Working together with Microsoft  

We don't support "hypes" but "trends" and consider it important that knowledge in the market always remains affordable.  That is why we work closely with Microsoft.  As a customer, you benefit from this collaboration because you always have access to the latest proven technologies.  The knowledge and resources of our applied (Microsoft) technologies are widely available in the market which helps keep it affordable for everyone. 

'Support lifecycle'  

We ensure that the technologies that we use always comply with the "Microsoft support lifecycle".  This allows us to guarantee a future-proof solution that optimally integrates with the existing IT landscape of your healthcare institution.