​HiX intelligently supports the process of preparation for administration. The doctor does not notice anything from VTGM when prescribing, while the nurse or pharmacy immediately sees that the medication must be prepared. Because the pharmacy also has insight into the preparations in the department, double preparations won't happen. 

Based on ATC, PRK and rules  

HiX indicates on the basis of definitions whether a medicine must be prepared for administration. A definition states whether the preparation takes place on the basis of the PRK or ATC, who and where the medicine is prepared (pharmacy, department or both) and according to which protocol. These protocols can also be controlled based on rules. The pharmacy and department can maintain different protocols with, for example, different durations. 

Check by barcode  

After preparation, a unique barcode for the prepared product is printed on the VTGM label. This can be used for both the preparation check and for the unique administration to the patient. The pharmacy and the departments can use their own workflow with checks.  Patient safety increases due to additional digital checks during preparation.