​Unfortunately, increasingly more patients are falling victim to errors in surgery.  By maintaining an overview of the surgical process using the integrated TOP recording from ChipSoft, you keep this risk as small as possible.  You promote communication between all care providers that have a task to perform in the period before, during and after a surgical intervention on a patient.  And thus, patient safety increased in your hospital. 

The TOP recording from ChipSoft is based on the national guidelines used by the Inspectorate for Health Care.  By looking at set moments critically in succession and at the whole process, health care providers become aware of (impending) risks and can easily prevent them.  The start of recording at the time of admission and ER are requested and ends with the discharge of the patient in the nursing department.  During this period, the treating physicians involved answer a few questions at certain times, approve the next step in the plan, and can see whether their colleagues have also filled in the control lists properly. 

Rapid recording 

Because the TOP lists automatically come up at the right time, health care providers don't have to go an look for them.  The handy checklists ensure that a minimum of time is taken in recording.  All recorded TOP data are saved with the other surgery data in thee OR file and are thus available to be viewed at any time and reused, such as in the case of a recall of a patient. 

Role for all disciplines 

A role is set for all disciplines involved in the TOP recordings.  Surgeons, anaesthesiologists, anaesthesia staff, planning staff, clinical nurses and intensive care physicians all contribute to safe surgery and guaranteeing good care.  The questions run from "Was the name of the patient checked using the file" to "If a possible intubation is expected, are all resources available?".  At seven stop times, questions are posed by the system that are specific to that time. 

Patient safety 

With the integrated TOP software from ChipSoft, you prevent avoidable errors.  The obligation for good mutual communication, the integration into the OR system and the rapid recording make the TOP recording a user friendly and bold instrument to increase patient safety in your OR.