With optimal medicine safety, your patients can always be assured that they are being administered the right medicines, in the right doses, at the right time. In order to guarantee this medicine safety, the electronic health record (EHR) HiX provides healthcare facilities with a wide range of integrated solutions and possibilities to interface HiX with other systems.


By optimising the medicine safety through the use of the EHR, you will prevent errors in the medication process. This starts with reducing handwritten prescriptions, as these might lead to dangerous misinterpretations. The added digital check on double medication, contraindications, interactions, and allergies within the EHR is another big leap forward in medicine safety. The same is true for the digital medication verification and administration registration.


Open EHR: interfacing with other systems

HiX is an open EHR. This means that when you're using other IT solutions for medication verification or administration registration, it's possible to interface those systems with HiX according to international standards. The Juliana Children's Hospital in the Hague, for example, has created an interface between HiX and Medeye. This allows the nursing staff to digitally check and verify the medication right before administration.

In various other healthcare facilities, the doctors, pharmacists, and GPs prescribe their medication orders within HiX. The administration of those orders is registered and sent back to HiX by another system such as nCare.

Another interface has been realised recently that allows pharmacists to supply medication safely to the nurse that's supposed to register it. This solution also supports complex schedules for patients Whose medication dosages vary from day to day. We make use of our years of experience to offer a wide range of possibilities for inter-system communication to increase the medicine safety.


Integrated EPS

In order to provide the patient with the right medication and guarantee medicine safety, HiX offers a complete and integrated electronic prescription system (EPS). The EPS supports prescribing for outpatient as well as inpatient medication processes and will guarantee that healthcare providers have an up-to-date medication overview at all times. Thanks to the integration with the medical record, all relevant information, such as patient parameters, lab results, and allergies, will immediately be available to all physicians.


Integrated alerts

When prescribing medication in HiX, physicians will be able to use their own reference documents in both the inpatient setting and the outpatient setting. HiX also supports profiles for admission and discharge medication. All relevant monitoring signals and alerts will be retrieved from the Z-Index, the Dutch national care products database. That information will then be processed and applied to the medication orders. By applying additional conditions, based on 'clinical rules', the user is able to add other parameters to be considered for the decision of whether or not to prescribe a medicine'. This further enhances the level of medicine safety.


Pharmacy checks

The pharmacy will also perform checks on medication orders. HiX offers pharmacies functionalities that allow you to issue medication while remaining precise and alert. These include the integrated preference policy, or the efficient registration possibilities, accurate safety checks, automatic alerts, and intelligent decision support.


Digital administration registration

As soon as the physician prescribes the medication order, the inpatient medication will immediately become visible in the digital administration registration. The user will then be able to register the administration through the digital rounds list in HiX or through handheld devices.


Monitoring patients

In order to monitor the health condition of patients within the EHR, the hospital uses infusion pumps, ventilators, (EEG) monitors, gas analysers, cardiopulmonary bypasses, and other devices. All measurements from these devices are processed automatically by HiX's patient data management system (PDMS) and are then added to the patient's health record. As a result, staff will immediately be able to see how the patient is reacting to the medication. This improves the medicine safety, because it allows doctors to immediately respond to any anomalies. They have access to a complete and up-to-date patient record that is updated in real-time.


Optimised medicine safety

Because the EHR HiX contains a 'closed-loop medication solution', each modification to the personal medication record is immediately visible. Whether it concerns adding, stopping, or editing medication orders; all information is available at each location, including the emergency department, ICU, OR, nursing ward, and pharmacy. That is how we keep medicine safety optimised.

If you want to use other systems beside HiX in order to process medication, it's possible to interface these with HiX through set standards and use them alongside each other. This ensures you always have a closed circuit and can guarantee medicine safety in an optimised manner within your EHR.


If you want to know more, you can ask your questions about medicine safety here.