• 9 July 2019 -

    ​From now on, Erasmus MC will be using HiX for capacity management for task-oriented management of the patient's discharge. This makes Erasmus MC the first hospital with standard content that uses HiX this way to streamline processes and those involved in the clinic. 

    Nursing staff shortages and the management of all disciplines involved led to enormous regulatory pressure at the clinic. Often one nurse kept an eye on when the various supporting disciplines had to come to a patient for treatment. Both the nurse and the treatment assistant did not have all the information that is relevant to the patient's timely treatment. As a result, not all treatments were completed when the doctor said the patient could go home. 

    Fewer delays when discharging 

    Erasmus MC is now giving the supervising nurse support with Task-oriented steering on discharge in HiX. This tool allows the nurse to communicate via HiX which procedures must be performed for each patient, when and by whom. The closer to the patient's expected date of discharge, the greater the priority of the procedures in the various disciplines becomes. This ensures timely handling of procedures, it makes the work process calmer and most importantly: less discharge delay for the patient. 

    Perfomance dashboards

    In addition to supporting internal communication, Task-oriented management offers various performance dashboards upon discharge.  This way, the nurses have insight into the patients who have stayed the longest and the most urgent procedures. Erasmus MC starts with Task-oriented management on discharge within the Thorax Theme.  As soon as the support is also rolled out for the other themes, several departments will experience the benefits of capacity management within HiX. 

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