• 21 October 2020 -

    Smartphones nowadays grant us access to a trove of information on a wide array of topics. Being a transplant surgeon at the LUMC (Leiden University Medical Centre), I'd also like to be able to view relevant information about my patients on my smartphone. And now I can, with the HiX app for specialists. A must-have for any specialist!


    The ability to access an EHR from a smartphone has been around for some time, by connecting to a server, for example. But this method is cumbersome: first you log in, then you receive an SMS with a code which you must enter, then, after waiting some time for the connection to establish, you have to zoom in on a screen to be able to tap an icon, enter another password, and then manually search the record for the desired information… I'd rather spend this time walking to and logging in from a computer. What I want is easy, pocket-size access to relevant information. HiX Mobile Specialists meets that need.

    As a transplant surgeon, I receive calls often and at any time. When walking through the hospital corridors, when I'm having lunch, when I'm on vacation… Just recently I was coaching a football match when I received a call; an organ had become available, and they asked me whether it would be a match for a particular patient. I was able to access the relevant patient data from the HiX app while on the phone, and answer directly.

    "The app allows me to quickly view real-time statuses from the nursing department"

    I also receive many calls about recently admitted patients. Assisting personnel will have carried out the initial assessment and then call to ask for advice. But I can only offer advice after receiving and reviewing all relevant information. It would take more time to ask for each piece of information over the phone, than to look it up myself via the app. The same applies to questions while I'm travelling; the app allows me to quickly view real-time statuses from the nursing department and easily access any relevant information.

    The app is incredibly user-friendly, as it is fast and clear. I open it at least once before every shift. This is in part due to the fact that HiX Mobile Specialists helps me to prioritise. For instance, I can easily see how a patient I operated on the previous day fared throughout the night. This way I have the information I need before I even step into the hospital, and I could swing by the patient, as the app also clearly shows where in the hospital the patient is located.

    During one of my recent ward rounds I noticed that a patient was deteriorating, so I requested a blood test. And while I could just as easily wait for the results or ask an assistant to call me when the results are in, I much prefer to carry on with my work and check the app for the results as soon as they are in.

    The access to information is the stand-out feature of the app. While it will never replace the desktop computer or the COW (Computer on Wheels), as those are simply superior for typing reports, it's an effective addition that I would recommend to any specialist. It's a quick and reliable source of information and it has, in my eyes, a place in the healthcare of the future.

    H.D. (David) Lam,

    Transplant surgeon at the Leiden University Medical Centre
    David Lam, Transplant Surgeon at LUMC

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