• 14 April 2020 -

    Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital (CWZ) in Nijmegen has accelerated the use of the HiX Mobile app for nurses in the coronavirus wards. After the initial positive experiences in February, the hospital decided not to wait for the scheduled go-live later in the year, but started rolling out the app immediately. HiX Mobile enables nurses to view the patient's activity plan and immediately carry out and record the associated tasks and actions, such as readings.

    An app is more practical for coronavirus wards

    The outbreak of the coronavirus caused the demand for mobile work to increase sharply from mid-March. Practically speaking, the computer on wheels (COW) proved less than ideal for care in the coronavirus ward, with numerous isolation rooms. The CWZ then decided to make HiX Mobile available to all nurses in the four coronavirus wards.

    Quick overview and calling options

    Anita Scholten, Chief Nursing Information Offficer (CNIO) of Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital, says: "With HiX Mobile for nurses, we now have an application that provides a quick overview of the nursing activities to be carried out, together with options such as a quick and easy call to the patient's family if necessary. It's great!"

    Next step: an app for specialists

    The hospital in Nijmegen is now focusing on rolling out HiX Mobile for specialists. This app provides specialists with direct access to the EHR from locations where they have no PC, laptop or tablet available. HiX Mobile allows them to view the EHR directly (in case of questions from colleagues, for example). In addition, the app offers functionalities for prescribing medication at the patient's bedside and placing orders. The practitioner can also record transactions via the app.

    Want to find out more?

    Would you like to know more about the options for mobile work with HiX? Contact your account manager or email us at communicatie@chipsoft.com.

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