Gerrit Mulder, surgeon at the Amsterdam BovenIJ hospital, encountered a problem in 1986. The amount of paperwork in the hospital was increasing and administration consumed a huge amount of his time. Time he would rather spend on his patients. His son Hans is convinced that this can be easier, faster and, above all, better. He comes to his father's aid and develops a software program that takes away a lot of administrative hassle. ChipSoft was born and the first system was a fact: Remedies.

HiX: Healthcare Information eXchange

Other medical specialists also quickly opted for this innovative solution. What started as a small stand-alone billing program grew into a fully integrated and intelligent HIS/EPD. The first years the software went under the name CS-EZIS, later CS-EZIS.Net and currently under the name HiX, which stands for Healthcare Information eXchange.

Patients first

In recent years, in addition to hospitals, general practitioners, independent clinics, psychiatric institutions, nursing homes and care homes have increasingly opted for our healthcare IT. With HiX they have an electronic file that is continuously enriched and through a connection to Zorgplatform they can optimally collaborate and exchange data with fellow healthcare institutions, digital healthcare applications and the patient.

Today, more than thousand enthusiastic employees work at ChipSoft with the ambition to improve healthcare through our smart software. Because although a lot has changed almost forty years after its founding, one thing still remains the same: the patient needs to comes first.